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Kudos to Daycares and Preschools
Enter Ava's Triumph Kudos Giveaway!

We have a special Ava's Triumph Kudos Giveaway we want to share with you. We would like to thank the daycares and preschools in our communities for all they do for our children and for their parents. Would you like to thank a daycare or preschool (current or former) in your child’s life?


Please post a kudos message of about 100 words on Ava's Triumph Instagram. Look for the Kudos Giveaway post for the current week. Tell us about your favorite daycare or preschool. What would you like to thank them for? What makes them special? We will learn much from all your posts (or feel free to send your kudos to you can afford to do so, please pre-order a copy of Ava’s Triumph for yourself from our wonderful publishers at, and forward the order confirmation to our email address.


We will randomly choose three schools every week until launch day. You can submit every week, but your favorite school can only win once. Please include the name and location of the school (or handle) so that if you are the lucky kudos giver, we can confirm the school’s mailing address. Include your name, too, so we can let them know who they can thank!

The lucky school winners will receive by USPS priority mail:

1. A hardcover copy of Ava’s Triumph

2. A sweet canvas tote to carry the book with your daycare’s name on the front

3. One Rainbow six-pack of dot markers supplied by the generous folks at Do a Dot Art! They have the best dot markers as I have tried several others! 

4. Ava’s Triumph Launch Art Activity (let us know how many kids are at the school), which includes:

- Sweet portrait silhouettes with painted border of Ava posing with her lovey

- Cotton (tails) with velcro backing

- 3m command adhesive strips for taping artwork on a wall

Kudos Launch has ended!.png

Thank you daycares and preschools
for your important role in parenting our future!

darling little fingers around big markers.jpeg

I loved my daughter’s daycare, Rainbow Family Childcare, in Noe Valley, San Francisco. I gained wisdom from Kim, the incredible director, and all the teachers (Cathy and Annina!). I learned to be easy-going and have fun (like put drops of green food dye in their milk, but not say anything, on St. Patty's Day). I learned to be serious when reprimanding and not to yell (at least try not to!). I learned to make some exceptions about rules - giving a food reward like pee-pee treats might be a good idea afterall! At the end of the day at pick-up, I learned so much about my daughter when they told me about her day. I am so thankful for Director Kim and all the teachers!

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