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How our journey began....

Like many ventures in San Francisco, it started at a coffee shop between friends. It continued in a garage and dining rooms. The coffee shop was Four Barrel on Valencia in the Mission. The garage was Mary’s in Noe Valley; the dining room was at Linda’s in the Mission, or back at Mary’s in her kitchen. 

Four Barrel Coffee shop in San Francisco, CA

Image by elATLboy via The Adventures of elATLboy


Thanks for joining us on our adventure!

Join us to hear about launches, prizes and more!

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We created something out of what we knew, what we loved, and what we learned. And we iterated, each time learning more about what we wanted to create, how to create it, and how to make it more meaningful, more elegant. All the while, we tried to keep it fun, honest, and thoughtful. 

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We’re still iterating and sharing our children's book with people we find along our journey -- and we are thrilled to announce that we found a wonderful new home with more friends for Ava at Ninewise Publishing.

Ava's launched!

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